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CIMBA is a school of higher education founded in Italy in 1991. With a consortium of 36 American universities behind it, it can access the latest trends, research and management practices from the best international business schools and offer them for immediate use by Italian companies, managers and entrepreneurs.

In 2007, CIMBA founded the NeuroLeadership Lab, an international institute that brings together scholars and researchers committed to linking the latest innovations from neuroscience with the development of leadership. CIMBA’s training courses are thus developed and offered with a solid scientific basis.

about our training

what is life leadership training?


LIFE is a breakthrough personal development program.


It is based on multiple years of research, leveraging neuroscience, social psychology, and cutting-edge biofeedback technology.


It is a three-day, full immersion leadership program exploring and bringing out the best in participants. By changing thinking based on objective data, it awakens the leader within.


As a participant, you leave the program with strongly ‘anchored’ goals and requisite behavior modification tools, allowing you to move beyond the personal barriers that have kept you from your potential, with a personal development action plan and, more importantly, with the motivation and conviction to move forward and make it happen.


LIFE Leadership Training was the best experience of my life. I will recommend it to all the people I love.
And it will be the best gift I can give them!

R. Polegato | Astoria Wines

Per me LIFE Leadership Training è stata una “rivoluzione emotiva”, un terremoto che mi ha permesso di chiudere definitivamente con il passato.

F. Ceschin | AlpiPress

You start the training and hope it will help you reach your goals. You come out of LIFE and want it to have served you mostly to support others to achieve theirs.

L. Marchioretto | Kering Eyewear

upcoming editions

2022 September 22-24 | English Edition
2022 October 6-8 | Italian Edition
2022 November 3-5 | Italian Edition
2022 December 1-3 | Italian Edition
2023 January 19-21 | English Edition

2023 February 16-18 | Italian Edition
2023 March 16-18 | Italian Edition
2023 May 11-13 | Italian Edition
2023 June 22-24 | Italian Edition

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